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At Optiwella we do a series of in-depth tests to make sure that the CMTS you receive is in excellent working condition. The following list will give you an idea of what we do to ensure premium quality:

Physical Inspection & Repair:

  • Paint the chassis if neccessary
  • Replace missing parts such as screws, cover plates
  • Repair common damaged parts such as pins, cables
  • Visually inspect the printed circuit boards to make sure it’s intact

Functional Tests & Diagnostics:

  • Power-on and bootup test
  • Reset to factory defaults
  • Memory and file system tests
  • Run built-in in-depth diagnostics on each component

RF & Connectivity tests:

  • Measure RF signal strength and quality on each downstream RF port
  • Verify return-path connectivity on each upstream port
  • Connectivity test using real modems
  • Verify channel bonding capabilities
  • Check ethernet and SFP/XFP ports

Stress test:

  • Verify stability under heavy load by connecting a batch of modems generatic constant maximum traffic
  • Bandwidth tests to verify throughput
  • Check bit error rates on all interfaces

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    6728 Szeged
  • phone-iconOffice phone: +36 70 625 7203
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